Project Description

AMPROME (SM-20-A Sound Meter)

• Designed to meet the measurement requirements of Safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and quality control in various environments.
• A and C weightings for checking compliance with safety regulations as well as acoustic analysis
• Measuring ranges: A Weighting 30~130dB, C Weighting 35~130dB
• Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8KHz
• Display with 0.1dB steps on a 4 digit LCD
• Slow (1 sec) and fast (125ms) response settings to check peak and average noise levels
• MAX/MIN recording
• Internal memory, 14,000 records
• Recording intervals from 1 second to 8 hours
• PC computer download capabilities
• Data Hold to freeze reading on digital display
• CE, designed to meet IEC651 Type2, ANSI S1.4 Type2

Display ” 4 digits LCD”
Microphone ” 1/2 inch Electret condenser microphone”
Power Supply ” 9V NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22, JIS 006P battery”
Auto Power Off ” Approx. 5 min”
Environment ” Indoor operation, < 2000 m”
Standard Applied ” IEC 651 Type2, ANSI 1.4 Type 2″
Dynamic Range ” 50 dB”
Resolution 0.1 dB, Display Update : 0.5 sec.
Time Weighting ” FAST(125mS), SLOW(1 sec)”
Accessories ” Carrying case, windscreen, User manual and 9V battery”