Project Description

OPTEX (FTN-R Battery Operated PIR Outdoor Detector)


Long life battery (Not Included)
Selectable 16.4ft. (5m) and 6.6ft. (2m) narrow detection ranges
190° horizontal rotation with built in mounting bracket
Dual PIR detectors for enhanced pet tolerance
Super Multi Dimension Analysis Logic analyzes every motion before signaling an alarm
Double Conductive Shielding
Intelligent ‘AND’ logic


Model FTN-R
Detection Method Passive Infrared
PIR Coverage 5 x 1m (16’5″ x 3’3″)
Detection Length Limit 2 m, 5 m (6’7″, 16’5″)
Detectable speed 0.3m – 1.5m/s (1′ – 4’11″/s)
Sensitivity 2.0°C (at 0.6 m/s) (3.6°F (at 2’/s)
Operation Voltage 2.5 – 10 V DC
Power Input 3 – 9 V DC (Lithium or Alkaline Battery)
Current Draw 9 uA (at standby) / 3mA(max)(at 3 V DC)
Alarm Period 2.0 +/-1.0 sec
Warm-up Period Approx. 120 sec (LED Blinks)
Alarm output N.C./N.O. Selectable -Solid State Switch 10 V DC 0.01 A (max)
Trouble output N.C./N.O. Selectable -Solid State Switch 10 V DC 0.01 A (max)
LED Indicator Enable: During DIP switch (walk test mode) or DIP switch 4 (LED) on / Disable: During Normal Operation / Light/Blink: warm-up, alarm, masking detection (FTN-RAM only)
Operation Temperature -20 – +60°C (-4 – +140°F)
Environmental Humidity 95% (Max)
Weatherproof IP55
Mounting Wall (Indoor/Outdoor)
Mounting Height 0.8 -1.2m (2’7″ – 3’11”)
Weight 190 g (6.7 oz)
Accessories Connector for power and alarm, connector for trouble, plate nut x 2, screw (M3 x 10MM) x2, screw(3x20mm) x 4, Sponge for transmitter