Project Description

OPTEX (HX-40RAM Battery Operated PIR Outdoor Detector)


Long battery life (Not Incuded)
Form C alarm out and tamper output
Battery saving timer function
Active IR digital anti-masking function
Mounting height 8ft. – 10ft.
Intelligent and detection logic
Double conductive shielding
Dual signal processing circuit
Vegetation sway analysis logic
Ideal detection area setting


Model HX-40RAM
Detection Method Passive Infrared
Anti-masking Yes
PIR Coverage 12m (40′) 85° wide/94 zones
PIR Distance Limit 4.0 m, 5.5m, 9.0m (13’1″, 18’1″, 29’6″)
Detectable Speed 0.3 m/s – 1.5 m/s (1’/s-4’11″/s)
Sensitivity 2.0°C (3.6°F) at 0.6 m/s
Power Input 3 – 7.2 V DC Lithium Battery (CR123 x3, CR2 x3, 1/2AAx3, 1/2AAx6)
Operating Voltage 2.5 – 9 VDC
Current Draw 30uA (standby)/ 4 mA (max) at 3 V DC
Alarm period 2.0 +/- 1sec
Warm-up period Approx 90 sec (LED blinks)
Alarm output Form C-Solid State Switch: 10 V DC, 0.01 A max
Tamper output Form C: 28 V DC, 0.01 A max activates when cover removed
Trouble output N.C./N.O. Selectable -Solid State Switch 10 V DC 0.01 A (max)
AUX input
LED Indicator Disable: During Normal Operation Enable: During walk test or LED SW on Red: Warm-up, Alarm, Trouble, Low battery
RF Interference No Alarm 10 V/m
Operating temperature -20°C – +60°C (-4°F – +140°F)
Environmental humidity 95% (Max.)
Weatherproof IP55
Mounting Wall
Mounting Height 2.5 – 3.0m (8’2″ – 9’10”)
Bracket adjust angle Vertical: +/-20° Horizontal +/-95°
Weight 600g (21.2oz)
Accessories Bracket, Hood, Area masking seal, screw kit (3 x 10-2, 4 x 20-4), Velcro tape x2, alarm cable, battery lead x2, dummy battery kit