Project Description

TOA (HA-1010 Long Range Slim Array Speaker)


The TOA Long Range Slim Array Speaker comprise of multiple horn speakers positioned in an array. It features long-range sound coverage, further than that of multiple conventional horn speakers grouped together. Narrowly focused vertical directivity allows high volumes to be controlled at closer proximity.

The HA-1010 speaker array provides a dispersion pattern of 90° horizontally x 15° vertically. This directivity high frequency array horn speaker provides 2 100V taps of 30 and 60 watts, allowing for proper power sizing in almost any application. Best used for Mass Notification and Voice Message announcements in various outdoor areas, including: parking lots, parks & recreation areas, hotel & resort grounds, sports arenas, military facilities & transportation terminals.


Rated Input 60W
Rated Impedance 170 Ω (60W), 330 Ω (30W)
Sound Pressure Level 114 dB (1W, 1m)
Max. Sound Pressure Level 132 dB (60W, 1m)
Frequency Response 350 Hz – 7 kHz
Directivity Angle Horizontal: 90° (2kHz), Vertical: 15° (2kHz)
Speaker Component Horn speaker unit x 8
Water Protection IP 66
Finish Case, Panel: Aluminum, salt-resistant, paint, grey
Front Grille: Aluminum, black
Dimensions 167 (W) x 1233 (H) x 140.5 (D) mm
Weight 13.5 kg
Accessories Washer (M10) x 8, Spring Washer (M10) x 4, Nut (M10) x 4