Project Description

TOA VM-2000 System

Integrated Voice Evacuation System

The TOA System Management Amplifiers VM-2120 and VM-2240 are expressly designed to fulfill increasing requirements for reliable and efficient communications in mid-size facilities such as office buildings, factories, hospitals, transportation terminals and many other sites. Both amplifiers are multi-functional designs, with the VM-2120 rated at 120W and the VM-2240 at 240W. Each amplifier may be cascade-configured to meet increased power demands. Conforming to EIA standards both amplifiers may be rack-mounted, taking up just a 3-unit space.

A VM-2000 Series amplifier accepts six audio inputs which include two BGM inputs and a telephone paging input. Speaker output selector for five zones is provided as well as an internal speaker attenuator. In addition to general purpose broadcasts, EN60849* standard-based emergency broadcasts which may be pre-recorded*1 or transmitted via the optional RM-200M Remote Microphone are possible. These operations can also be remotely controlled using external auxiliary equipment.

A VM-2000 Series amplifier is also equipped with surveillance capability*2 that
conducts automatic system checks for malfunctions.

VM-2000 Series